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Chi siamo

On  March 31 1974, sixty-four philatelists gave rise in Prato to the AICPM, undersigning the first statute and naming Mr. Renzo Bernardelli as honorary President of the new association.

As the first official organ of AICPM was selected the magazine " Philately".

The statute has had many changes, the cyclostyled circulars have become a magazine : " The Military Mail "on which hundreds of articles of Military mail and Postal history have been published.

AICPM has also published   monographs and volumes, she has organized shows and meetings, she has assigned big prizes.

The President is actually : Piero Macrelli, Postal Box 180, 47900 Rimini , tel. and fax. +3954128420, e-mail: pmacrelli@aicpm.net


In this section are proposed the website's updatings. They have not a fixed cadence, but they are very frequent.


In this section they are suitable the formalities of the registration to the AICPM and the advantages that it involves for every member.

I soci

Members of AICPM are now seven hundred about and in this section it's possible to see only their names and their place of residence.

Area Soci

This is a reserved area of the website accessible only with an userid and a password. In it the members are introduced with their addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail , with their specializations and in some case also with the photo.


In this section are published the President's communications to the members concerning the association' s life


It is a kind of Forum allowing the members to set questions and, if possible, to have a complete and quick answer.


A very interesting section in which AICPM members send their signallings about Military Post  and Postal History documents.

La rivista

In this section visitors can see the covers of AICPM magazines whith their indexes and the links to the President's editorials


In this section the publications edited by AICPM are proposed


In this section you can see many interesting and awarded collections. Some of them are in English or in French


Several articles concerning Military Mail and Postal History  published by the AICPM members on the magazine or elsewhere :you can read them here.


Four times a year AICPM members receive an auction with the magazine. Texts and photos of every lot are sent on line in this section.


Titles of publication are proposed for studying in depth Military Mail and Postal History


In this section you can examine some updated catalogues usually published on AICPM magazine.


In this section the members send their announcements concerning purchase, sale and exchange of philatelic documents

Meetings & News

In this section there are some information regarding  the association's meetings and news


A sample of Cadioli's publication concerning the rates of Italian Kingdom and Italian Republic is proposed here. The complete work is available only for the AICPM members in the reserved area


There are here several links to some selected philatelic websites


To join AICPM is certainly advantgeous for several motives.

In this case why not to do it?

For info, please contact:

AICPM - PB 180 - 47900 Rimini - Italy

Phone and fax : +3954128420

e-mail : info@aicpm.net


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